Master’s Degree in Science and Football Technology

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The School of New Interactive Technologies affiliated with the University of Barcelona (ENTI-UB) was created to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the cluster of video games and Serious games that is spreading around Barcelona and other cities in Catalonia. At present, with a contrasted experience in academic and professional contexts, ENTI has created the Master of Science and Technology in Football jointly promoted with the University of Barcelona and the Barça Innovation Hub. From in-depth knowledge of football, the members of this Master’s degree will conduct research (by using Technological tools) to apply new knowledge to training improvements, in the value systems of their team and of their rivals.

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€ 12.000

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Master’s Degree in Science and Football Technology

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Coaches; Return to play coaches; Computer scientists; Strength and conditioning coaches; Analysts; Engineers; Researchers; Journalists; Physical therapists; Professionals of virtual environments; Psychologists; Physicists; Mathematicians; Biologists; Statisticians


Theoretical foundations to study dynamic-like behavior will be introduced to study the game of football based on FCB’s style of play and inspired by ecological psychology principles.

This course is an introduction to mathematical models of non-linear dynamics to study complex systems’ behavior like those encountered in team sports, i.e., football.

The scientific research method will be presented as the means by which research on football has traditionally been conducted. Exploration of alternative scientific approaches for the case of team sports will be also introduced providing cutting edge examples pioneered at FCB.

This course is intended to provide an introduction to basic statistics needed to conduct research in sports. Throughout the course there will be an emphasis on both fundamental statistical concepts as well as on practical data analysis skills.

Methods and knowledge on gamification, as well as, on the development of virtual and augmented reality environments will be presented as technology solutions for different fields within the football industry.

The primary focus of this course is to provide students with skills to manage various sports data genres (event data, tracking data, internal and external load data, etc…) understanding the best tools to analyze data sets using predictive analytic techniques suitable for sports.

In this course students will acquire the necessary skills to plan and program trainings to prepare the competition. Based on the innovative practices at FCB, this course will help students to gain a wide range of unique techniques to improve training methodologies in football.

This course aims at providing a breadth of knowledge on how to address injury prevention and return to play in football. An introduction to the key factors on these areas will spur innovation on science, technology and training methodologies.

Organizations from the sports, science and technology industries will offer the possibility to apply the acquired knowledge during the master’s program into their working settings. This will expose students to participate in professional projects and its execution.

This project requires students to integrate the several scientific and/or technological skills to prove that their level of excellence has been acquired through the different areas of writing, defending, and disseminating research and/or the creation of new ideas.