Master in Physiotherapy for Team Sports

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The University Master’s Qualification in Physiotherapy for Team Sports is taught by professionals who are active in the sports world and are also highly qualified teachers and researches. The program trains physiotherapists whose expertise is management, prevention, emergency, recovery and returns to play in the world of team sports. It also prepares professionals who have ample skills to develop and apply scientific knowledge, both in the clinical setting and the sphere of team sports with obligatory placements at Football Club Barcelona. This Master is the only study program in Europe that provides access to training and accreditation as an Athletic Trainer** (USA). ** Pending verification by CAATE, USA

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September 2019

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July 2020

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1 year

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Blanquerna-URL Campus | Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, FC Barcelona

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€ 12.360

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University Master in Physiotherapy for Team Sports

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Physiotherapists Medical professionals from the world of sports


From this Master you will obtain the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • Train specialized physiotherapists in prevention, recovery and the return to competition process of common team sports injuries.


Organisation and management of sports teams. Leadership and applied coaching. Methodological design and study type. Evidence-based Physiotherapy. Biostatistics. Methodology-based workshops.

Physiological features and demands of team sports. Training methodology and assessment of the main conditional and coordinative skills. Periodization and planning of physical exercise. Monitoring of training and competition workloads. Optimisation of the athlete’s recovery. Physical activity and healthcare in specific localities.

Strategy plan for the prevention of sports injuries. Injury-related incident, physiopathology, injury mechanism and risk factors, rehabilitation and return to competition related to the main head, trunk and upper limb injuries. New physiotherapeutic team sports technology and methods: mechanical vibrations, inertial training, core stability, overhead athlete biomechanics, readapting to water, physical agents and sand training.

Injury-related event, physiopathology, injury mechanism and risk factors, rehabilitation and return to play in the main injuries affecting the lower limb. New physiotherapeutic team sports technology and methods: biomechanics of the main injury patterns of the lower limb, recovery, functional stretching, sports bandages, anatomical exploration, chronojump assessment system and integrated neuromuscular training.

The main sports-related pharmacological agents. The main skin and mucosa treatment in sport. Emergency sports-field action. Skills and training for defibrillator use and other life support techniques. Basic Health care. Applied nutrition. Ergo nutritional support. Weight control and assessment of body composition. Eating disorders.

Obligatory placement at FC Barcelona.

Placements in specialised national and International centres, in recovery and return to play after sports injuries.

Design and application of a research project involving physiotherapy for team sports.