Sports Creativity Blockers and Stimulators

The multimedia artist Phil Hansen has explained in a TED Talk how he has created a widely recognized work of art, which surprises the audience due to the techniques he adopts. According to Hansen, the reason for his creativity is, exclusively, his limitations.

Techniques to Control Stress and Anxiety in Sport

Anxiety and stress are two terms that we are unfortunately getting too used to hear.

Emotional intelligence as a shared team quality

It is a proven fact that workers’ or athletes’ emotional intelligence affects their outcomes.

Attention, Concentration and Emotions in Sport

Attention is the ability to correctly detect the environment stimuli. In a football game, for example, there are numerous and varied stimuli.

Sparking creativity in sport

In 1968, Dick Fosbury wowed the world with a brand new high jump technique at the Olympic Games in Mexico.

Early Athlete Specialisation and Burnout: A Dangerous Relationship

In the last 15 years, there has been a remarkable increase in the early sports specialisation of children and young people.

How important is the birth date in football players’ sports career?

One of the main objectives of those involved in elite sports (parents, coaches, scientists, managers, etc.) is to understand what factors make success possible.

What Training Methods do Coaches Use for their Professional Development?

Coaches usually know a lot about their sport and have a good command of how to help their athletes to do better.

Training When There isn’t a Training session

Envisioning our performance in any physical practice has shown to be a great complement to improve our sports performance.

Education and elite athletes in the 21st century

New study methodologies of the 21st century and an unexpected change due to the pandemic is setting the stage for change.