What it really means to turn a stadium into a Smart Stadium

There are two ways to understand smart stadiums. Fans, sponsors, and organisations picture them as a place unfolding limitless technology which makes the whole experience at the stadiums extraordinary. While in the professional world, such a term is a “global concept” which seems to erase any resemblance to the stadiums we have known until today.

How to prepare for fundraising

Successfully raising capital is all about researching potential investors and organizing the materials to support your pitch before seeking out an investor who gets your company’s potential.

Design Thinking, a Sport Innovation Methodology

Sport is, by nature, a social activity. We cannot think of it without fans engaging in it, and athletes being a part of a community. Thus, Design Thinking is an innovation methodology based on the interaction with the user and it is also the most appropriate tool for its development, progress, and adaptation to a period of constant technological change.

The New Digital Sports Trading Cards

Sports trading cards were created at the beginning of the 20th century, and their format has remained the same to this day.

Towards a State-of-the-Art in Stadium Architecture

Vision and purpose inspires great companies

Spelling out how the world would be a better place if your innovation was widely adopted is a powerful way to inspire your team and those looking to invest in your company.

Autonomous AI-guided camera broadcasts and OTT services

Consultants like Allied Market Research forecast that the global OTT market will grow by an annual minimum of 17% until 2025 to reach an approximate turnover of 330,000 million dollars.

TAM SAM SOM – is your market large enough to feed your ambition?

When your idea is truly innovative it’s hard to know how large it can become. Initially your resources are limited, but how large should you plan to be?

Different Market, Different Model

When choosing among the four most relevant business models in the market in order to manage a stadium, clubs are mainly influenced by two factors: Live sport, Corporate/Business, Event/Shows, and Business/Leisure.

Athletes use social media for better or for worse

Sports players and fans are no different – they have as strong opinions as anyone and often have the popularity to influence very widely.