Three philosophical conceptions of football: The nihilist conception

The nihilist conception of football is based on knowledge democratization in recent years to modify the coach-player relationship. On the other hand, we will see how globalisation and commercialisation of the world have also impacted understanding the game itself.

How VAR Has Changed Football

Over a football game, referees must quickly make around 130 decisions in order to analyse what has happened. The risk of making mistakes is high, and this can have a direct impact on the final result of any game. Some factors such as the flash-lag effect—the difficulty of perceiving the location of an object while something else is occurring at the same time—the background noise, the players’ comments on the game events or fatigue can lead referees to make poor decisions.

Three philosophical conceptions of football: The inquisitive conception

The unpredictable nature of the football game keeps it from being considered an exact science, and possibly for this same reason, it is approached from all possible disciplines, making clear the insuperable need of humans to expand knowledge and satisfy our curiosity.

Why we have to be modest about football analytics

This is the first in a series on modern football analytics. It is written for people working in football – the coaches, the analysts and the players – for the people who want to apply numbers in football – the data scientists and the statisticians – and for the fans who want to understand how numbers are changing the game. It is written for you.

What effects can holidays have on football players?

Although holidays may be necessary physically and mentally, they can also negatively affect football players’ body composition and physical performance.

Metrica Sports and BIHub, empowering football from the grassroots through technology

Tactical analysis in football has undergone major developments in recent decades, largely powered by technology.

Staying fit in Team Sports? Francisco Seirul·lo’s Proposal

Coaches’ planning in elite performance sports involves description, forecasting, organisation, design, and assessment of all training stimuli.

How to organize training in team sports. The Paco Seirul·lo proposal

Following the proposal made by Professor Seirul·lo, practical proposals and the way of understanding training in team sports must be viewed from their own specific perspective.

Do players run less when their team is in possession of the ball?

The arrival of Johan Cruyff as FC Barcelona’s coach in 1988 caused a revolution in the way the game is understood and footballers are trained.

The Strength-Speed-Power Profile during competition

One of the main characteristics of elite football players is their ability to perform different actions at maximum speed. Its importance is such that most goals are preceded by sprints.