Sports Tomorrow Congress and Allianz join forces again this year to boost talent and sports innovation

Sports Tomorrow Congress 2023 begins to take shape. The benchmark event in the sports sector that discovers the most significant challenges of the industry and the most cutting-edge solutions, will take place from February 27 to 28, 2023 within the Mobile World Congress.

“Football stars with long careers have come so far because they invested in nutrition.”

The Gastrosport day at the Sports Tomorrow Congress has sought the answer to the big question posed by the development of sports nutrition. Is it possible to reconcile gastronomy and sports?

“Without data analysis and club algorithms, we would now be at a disadvantage.”

Sergio Llana, head of sport analytics at FC Barcelona, has described how the club has been adapting new technologies and methods of analysis to its operation. Today, although there is data coming from external companies, Barça applies algorithms to them that have been developed “handcraftedly” in the house to be able to obtain specific information about the club’s specific needs.

Female Footballers are becoming stronger

The evolution of women’s football has been accompanied by changes in body composition. Players are increasingly stronger. Mireia Porta and Dr Antonia Lizarraga, from FC Barcelona nutrition department, have analysed the physical changes that players have undergone in recent seasons.

“A coach needs a broad and prepared staff to be able to delegate from psychology to game analysis”

On a break while preparing their Champions League match against Hoffenheim, the coach of the female FC Barcelona, Jonathan Giráldez, and the players Alexia Putellas and Marta Torrejón have connected with the 5th edition of the Sports Tomorrow Congress of the Barça Innovation Hub on the day dedicated to methodology to explain how they face the most difficult challenge that may exist in the sports competitions: to continue winning after the season.

The menstrual cycle: a marker of health and performance

The profile of women’s football is currently rising rapidly, which is helping to boost women’s sport in general. According to Dr Ian Rollo (Gatorade Sports Science Institute), this phenomenon is a resurgence, as in the first decade of the 20th century, women’s football matches attracting more than 55,000 spectators were played in England.

“When you realize that you can’t be the player you want to be, you’ll change your life”

Retirement is one of the biggest problems affecting professional female athletes. The salary gap that the female sections suffer does not allow the same proportion of women to finish their career with a secured or resolved future.

Injuries in female sport: an integrated approach

Sports performance is largely determined by the ability of medical and technical staff to reduce the risk of injury to players and, when they occur, to manage them in the best way possible. Are there differences between men and women when creating a rehabilitation programme?

“Women’s football will be mainstream in 2030”

Albert Mundet, director of the Barça Innovation Hub, presented the V edition of the Sports Tomorrow Congress, reminding that it is essential to promote the culture of collaboration in the sporting field. These conferences are used to learn about the trends that will transform the world of sports. And this year the central theme of all of them will revolve around the greatest revolution that contemporary sports has known: the incorporation of women into professional categories that were practically reserved for men.

A pioneering congress for the advancement of the knowledge of female sports

Within the framework of the Sports Tomorrow Congress, Dr. Eva Ferrer, physician of the first female team of the FC Barcelona, and Dr. Gil Rodas, physician in charge of Barça Innovation Hub, they have presented a unique event dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge of female sports.