An Impossible Boxing Day: Why European Football Stops at Christmas

European football fans ask themselves this question every single Christmas. Why aren’t there matches on?

Sports Tomorrow – Day 10

For the second year, FC Barcelona -​​through the Barça Innovation Hub- have presented their annual data analysis guide that compiles relevant information and advances made in this field.

Sports Tomorrow – Day 9

“For twelve years, Barça has had most possession in 887 of 902 games”

Sports Tomorrow – Day 8

“We are taking eSports to real sport and it will help to make children less sedentary”

Sports Tomorrow – Day 7

“The big challenge with data analysis is getting it done in real time”

Sports Tomorrow – Day 6

“Brain training is not about disconnecting it from emotions, but about having them at the right time”

Sports Tomorrow – Day 5

“The coach of the future will be like the manager of a company, but employed by a football club”

Sports Tomorrow – Day 4

Technology, business, analytics, medicine and more at the fourth day of Sports Tomorrow.


A new day of Sports tomorrow ended, learn a little more about the topics presented by the speakers on the virtual stage.

Sports tomorrow – Day 2

Leading specialists analyzed different topics in a new Sports Tomorrow day.