Barça Innovation Hub

Barça Innovation Hub

Barça Innovation Hub, is FC Barcelona’s centre for the creation and transmission of knowledge and innovation. Within the FCB Coneixement area, our mission is to advance the limits of knowledge in the world of sport and share this knowledge with the leading professionals in the field. The pursuit of sporting excellence, the desire to be a global benchmark and our commitment to social responsibility are our objectives and also form part of the essence of our club.

Barça Innovation Hub is made up of five areas: medical services, performance, technology, team sports and social sciences. Each of these areas will apply our knowledge cycle based on four phases of action: incorporation, generation, transmission/transferal and innovation.





Learning from the best is key to leadership. For this reason, Barça Innovation Hub promotes an ecosystem of knowledge creation and open innovation, based on collaboration with leading brands, research centres, universities and start-ups from around the world.

Knowledge Incorporation

Barça Innovation Hub exchanges ideas and knowledge with other references in the field of sporting investigation and innovation. It also organises and participates in the most important conferences and forums in the sector. Observing and anticipating trends as well as developing new ideas to develop new knowledge are fundamental to becoming a major player in the future of sports.

Research and knowledge generation

The most brilliant ideas detected join the experience and leadership of our professionals to lead doctoral theses and develop basic and applied research projects that push the boundaries of knowledge in the sports sector.

Knowledge Dissemination

Our commitment is to share the knowledge of the club with the new generation of professionals in this sector through a leading training programme which includes masters, courses and seminars in different fields and in collaboration with the most prestigious academic institutions. Our professionals also participate in knowledge dissemination activities such as conferences and articles in specialised journals.


The knowledge generated is transferred to different areas of the club and to the market in the form of innovation projects for the development of new products, services and experiences that create value. The transfer of knowledge is also a learning process that will complement the incorporation of external knowledge with the generation of new ideas carried out internally.